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All large format lenticular sheets in gauges of 0.050 inches and up are manufactured at as near a constant pitch as possible.


However, any plastic sheet will vary slightly in size with temperature and humidity changes. These changes even though small can result in "flip" images placed behind the lenticular sheet to not change in a straight and uniform manner. This is most noticeable on large size lenticular sheets; for example, 48 x 96 inch sheet. Please allow your large lenticular sheet to condition uniformly and pitch test the entire sheet before laminating to your image.


You should also be aware of the possibility of less than absolute straightness of the printed lines from your inkjet printer or film recorder. This lack of straightness from your printer can cause the same problem.


In addition, please be aware that this problem can sometimes be eliminated by re interlacing your "flip" image and using spacer or separator pixel lanes between images. This is also used to reduce ghosting.

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