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Micro Lens Technology, Inc. Announces
the Introduction of ULTRALENZ
TM Lenticular Film


Micro Lens Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of our newest product line, ULTRALENZTM Lenticular Film.  ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film is the result of a multi-year development project to produce thin, accurate and dimensionally stable lenticular film.  ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film is already finding use with devices, such as computer and television monitors, to generate three dimensional video images.  These devices require extreme accuracy to match the pitch and pixel arrangement of a monitor.  ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film is the optimal choice for this application because it has little or no measureable variability from sheet to sheet or from one manufacturing run to another.

For many years, we have known an extruded thermoplastic lenticular sheet, such as those currently used for 3D imaging, has certain variabilities in pitch and lens radius.   This is the nature of the extrusion manufacturing process and can be controlled only within certain limits.  For printing a lenticular image, this does not cause an issue because you can manipulate the pitch of the interlaced image to correlate to the pitch of the extruded sheet.  You cannot do this with a typical television monitor, projection system, LED signage or other fixed system.

To overcome the deficiencies of the extrusion process and other methods of producing lenticular film or sheet, Micro Lens Technology started a research program over 5 years ago to produce a lenticular or patterned film with extreme accuracy and reproducibility.  We selected the most stable oriented film and put the pattern into a thermosetting and cross linkable resin which is cast onto the surface of the film.  We first built a pilot machine to produce experimental test samples up to 23 inches wide.  This machine has been in operation for 2-3 years and has produced numerous prototype samples for a wide variety of projects.  In January 2008, the installation of a second, wider production line was completed.  The second line will allow Micro Lens Technology to manufacture ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film as thin as 0.003 in. (0.076 mm) and as wide as 60 in. (1.5 m). 

ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film can be produced with almost any lenticular pattern conceivable and/or specialized patterns that demand extreme accuracy.  Manufacturing runs can be as little as a few square feet.  Because of the immediate success of ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film, Micro Lens Technology is already pondering a third, wider casting line for even larger applications.

Currently, ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film is being manufactured in roll form based on specific customer requirements.  For more information concerning ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film, please contact Micro Lens Technology for a confidential discussion of your application and how it can benefit by using ULTRALENZ Lenticular Film. 


Micro Lens Technology, Inc. Moves
into a New and Bigger Location

Micro Lens Technology, Inc. has moved to a new location in Indian Trail, North Carolina.  The new facility is located in the newly created Old Hickory Business Park.  The new building is approximately 12,000 square feet, which is almost double the size of the previous location.  According to Ken Conley, Director of Micro Lens Technology, "The additional warehouse space allows us to have a larger quantity of lenticular lens sheets available for our customers' urgent demands."

All lenticular lens sheet sales, warehousing and imaging functions now reside at the new location.  All shipping and receiving for Micro Lens Technology customers and vendors would use this new location as well. 


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