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The lenticular sheet industry is divided into two segments:  large format lenticular sheet and small format lenticular sheet.  Small format lenticular sheet is considered to be any sheet thin enough to be printed by a printing press and will typically produce images less than 20 inches in width.  Large format lenticular sheets are much thicker (up to 0.250 inches thick) and can produce images up to 48 inches wide and larger.  Micro Lens Technology, Inc. engraves lenticular patterns onto cylinders for the majority of small format lenticular sheet producers and manufactures and sells the large format lenticular sheets direct to consumers.

Our warehouse is located near Charlotte, North Carolina (US).  We are able to service customers around the world from this location.  We strive to ship all orders within 8-24 hours of receipt and confirmation.  Methods of payment include:  MasterCard and Visa credit cards, along with company checks and wire transfers.

Large Format Lenticular Sheet
Micro Lens Technology, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of large format lenticular sheet.  We manufacture lenticular sheet made of PETG, APET, and acrylic resins.  Lenticular sheets made from other resins, such as polycarbonate and polypropylene, can be manufactured on a custom order basis.  LPIs (Lens Per Inch) of the large format lenticular sheet range from 10 LPI up to 60 LPI.  We currently offer 8 LPI varieties of large format lenticular sheet (10, 15, 3D15, 20, 3D20, 30, 3D40, 3D60) to cover most imaging applications.  Need help determining which to use for you application?  Please review our CHOOSING THE CORRECT LENTICULAR LENS SHEET article.

All of our lenticular sheets are manufactured in the United States under strict manufacturing procedures.  Most of our sheets include clear protective liners to prevent scratches from normal handling and to allow you to position your image properly before laminating your image without damaging the lenticular sheet surface.  Our standard lenticular sheet sizes range from 5 inches x 7 inches up to 48 inches wide by 96 inches high.  If you need a size different from our standard sizes, please contact us.  We usually have limited quantities of non-standard sizes available.

For more information about our lenticular lens sheets, please see our literature page.

Adhesive Film
When printing with a large format inkjet printer, adhesive is used to permanently attach the printed image to the lenticular lens.  Micro Lens Technology highly recommends an optically clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive, such as Lensmount TM Adhesive Film to secure your image to the back of the lenticular sheet.  You can purchase the Lensmount Adhesive Film directly from us, or if you do not have a method for applying adhesive, we can pre-apply the adhesive film to your sheet order before shipping. 

Custom Cutting
Need a size different from our standard lenticular sheet sizes?  If so, just contact us.  We can cut lenticular sheet to most custom sizes.  Depending on the material and the cutting tolerance needed, we can provide custom cutting services using our industrial shears, panel saw and/or CNC router.  

Lenticular Imaging
Micro Lens Technology, Inc. also offers lenticular imaging services.  We provide these services to our customers to help them increase their lenticular imaging business.  For example, if you have a new signage business and do not have a printer that will create a 36 inch wide lenticular image.  Do not worry, just provide us with your base images and we can print, mount, laminate and return the image to you to provide to your customer.

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