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Micro Lens Technology, Inc. uses the latest engineering technology and years of practical experience to design and engrave lenticular and specialty patterns based on customer applications.  We have the ability to engrave the patterns onto rolls and plates for extrusion, casting and/or embossing.  If you do not have an existing roll available, just provide us with a sketch or drawing of the roll and we can build one for you.  Depending on customer demand, typical turn-around time to engrave a roll is about 2-4 weeks from the date of receipt.  Before leaving our facility, each roll is visually and dimensionally inspected to ensure the highest quality. 


Lenticular Patterns

Micro Lens Technology, Inc. is the leader in the field of lenticular engraving.  A vast majority of the lenticular sheets on the market today were produced from a roll engraved by us.  If you are a lenticular novice, do not worry.  Contact us and we can provide you with a lenticular lens design based on your particular application. 


The quality of the engraving is definitely in the details when you are talking about lenticular patterns.  One roll with a lenticular pattern may contain 5 miles or more of engraved lenticules.  Each lenticule must be similar and flawless.  Any slight imperfection will be seen in the produced lenticular sheet.  This attention to detail is why so many customers return to us for more engravings. 


Specialty Patterns

Micro Lens Technology, Inc. also engraves many specialty patterns not related to the lenticular imaging industry.  These patterns are used for security, light diffusion, light piping, faux surfaces, etc.  Just send us a sketch or drawing of your intended pattern or application and we will be glad to discuss our options.


From market standard lenticular patterns to proprietary lenticular and specialty designs and prototypes, Micro Lens Technology, Inc. can help your company master the art of lenticular or specialty pattern production. 


If you would like more information concerning our lenticular design and engraving services, please complete our Contact Us form. 

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